Rand Paul questions use of FISA against Americans


There is no doubt that there was abuse of FISA and that members of the FBI and the Mueller's team demonstrated bias before and after the election of Donald Trump.  Senator Paul tries to reason with Director Raye about the guarantees in the Constution to protect American Citizens and that use of FISA to surveil the communications of a presidential campaigh and an incoming administration is totally inappropriate.  In additon to other issues, he points out that the candidate and the campaign would, of course, have reason to contact other governments during the lawful pursuance of their goals.  Raye's answers demonstrate his lack of willingness to even imagine limitations on the FBI, CIA and the FISA Court are necessary.  What a shame!



September 24, 2014       PRESS RELEASE       For Immediate Release

 Tea Party of Louisiana Endorses Zach Dasher

for US Representative, 5th Congressional District


TPoL Endorses Dasher as Most Viable Conservative in 5th District



BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) is proud to announce its official endorsement of Calhoun businessman Zach Dasher and its support for his candidacy to be Louisiana’s Representative for the US 5th Congressional District of Louisiana.


Zach Dasher and his family are solid conservatives who have a proven track record of standing for Louisiana's conservative values. Zach understands that our rights come from God, and not from politicians in Washington, DC.  We are confident that Zach Dasher will stand firm with us and defend the Constitution of the United States.

We feel that Zach Dasher offers our best opportunity to voice our opposition to the agenda of the current administration and congressional leadership, and that, he will clearly be a firm advocate for reducing the size of government, reviving our economy, and restoring sanity and honor to our government and to our country.  We have endorsed Zach Dasher because we believe that he will speak for and represent the best interests of the citizens of the 5th District and of our state and work for us instead of the self-appointed “ruling class” in Washington.

Zach Dasher lives in Calhoun, Louisiana with his wife of 13 years, Jil. The Dashers have four children: Laela, Max, Bear and Fred. Zach is a businessman with a background in healthcare, real estate and non-profit fundraising. He earned a degree in Business Administration from Harding University. He is a member of White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ and is involved in campus ministry at University Church of Christ at ULM.


TPoL requests all conservative voters of the 5th Congressional District to join with us to elect one of us, Zach Dasher, to Congress as our next US Representative, 5th Congressional District.


The election will be held on November 4. You can learn more about Zach Dasher at     www.ZachDasher.com




August  18, 2014                                For Immediate Release 

Baton Rouge - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) wishes to express its shock and outrage at Senator David Vitter's recent statements in support of "Common Core State Standards".  TPoL has always thought of Senator Vitter as a friend of Liberty, but his statements in support of Common Core are not what we'd have expected from someone who is a defender of Louisiana's children and a champion of Freedom and less government.  Sadly, Senator Vitter's remarks sound more like the rhetoric we'd expect from a D.C. elitist who doesn't believe that we average citizens are capable of making our own decisions, running our own lives, and raising our own children.  This leaves us at TPoL at a loss to understand Senator Vitter's inexplicable change of heart, especially given that in his announcement for Governor of Louisiana, this past January, Senator Vitter assailed Common Core as being an instrument of "big government", stating that he was running for governor to, among other things, "......to protect our Citizens from heavy-handed, big government policies like "Common Core", and all the rest".  That was Senator Vitter's position just over six short months ago, and now he throws a "John Kerry" at us: "he was against Common Core before he was for it".  Really?  Where did that come from?  What changed, Senator?  Why the "flip-flop"?

The Breitbart organization stated that Senator Vitter's remarks "suggest a lack of awareness of the issues surrounding Common Core".  We agree, and want to point out that the two talking-points Senator Vitter touched on in his statement diametrically contradict each other, and smack of Washington insider "double speak".  Senator Vitter said (paraphrasing) that "he is for the Common Core standards", but is also for "local control of curriculum".

Unfortunately, Senator Vitter can't "eat his cake and have it, too"; he has to choose one position or the other: either he supports the big government, nationalized curriculum imposed via Common Core, or he supports local control of education.  Which is it, Senator?

We can only hope that Breitbart is right, and that Senator Vitter's position on Common Core indicates his ignorance on the subject, because his new-found support of Common Core, coupled with Senator Vitter's recent "trial balloon" about the possibility of expanding Medicaid in Louisiana leave us at TPoL scratching our heads, and, frankly, wondering if Senator Vitter is really the true conservative we always thought he was.

We hope that Senator Vitter's recent position statements do not indicate that he's decided to cater to "big money" interests at the expense of the average Louisiana citizen.  Supporting Common Core may net him a financial windfall from certain large campaign contributors, but it is also certain to cost him tens of thousands of crucial votes in the next governor's race.

Hoping that Senator Vitter really IS the man we've always thought him to be, The Tea Party of Louisiana urgently calls on him to rethink his position on Common Core and immediately, and publicly, reverse his ill-advised support of this threat to the future of our children and vow to STOP Common Core in Louisiana.  We need real solutions for improving education, solutions like universal vouchers, solutions that put parents squarely in charge of their children's education, not another outmoded and doomed-to-fail, big government "boon-doggle" like Common Core.  Are you listening, Senator Vitter?