What happened to the release of Russia investigation documents Trump planned to release in his final days in office




RealClearInvestigations has an interesting article on why Trump Gave Up on Forcing Release of Russiagate Files.  This is the interview with Kash Patel from that article.  Refer to the article for more details.

Interview of Victor Davis Hanson




Mike Lindell Discusses His Findings About The Election


This is an analysis that Mike Lindell assembled based on his research.  You will need to decide if this is convincing, but you need to be able to view and judge for yourself.  It is long but well worth your review.

 Gateway Pundit published articles which dispute the computer graphics and the data tables presented in this video.  They project that these were introduced by an individual to discredit the arguments in favor of voter fraud.  You should review the ariticle if you are serious about understanding the state of play in this saga. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/larry-johnson-hammer-scorecard-real/



Mainstream Media and Politicians Misleading the Public about Hydroxychloroquine ?