Florida Stands Up Against Vax Mandates

The signing ceremony for the Florida Legislation to block vax mandates by the Biden administration or businesses in the State of Florida highlights many of the ethical and constitutional issues that have been cast aside by many in power.  The testimonies of those impacted by the mandates are valuable insights into hardships glossed over by story lines that define controversies in political terms rather than the effect on the lives of affected citizens.  The Press's questions at the end illustrates their interests, which are not necessarily the interests of the citizens of Florida. 


John Ratcliffe discusses Potential Indictments to Come on Russia Hoax

This update reveals the slow workings of the judicial process and the willingness of the Democrats and their allies within the government to support a lie, even when they know it is a lie.  The media must also take responsiblity for their lies in this tragedy for our country.


Jim Jordan Interview with Kevin Nunes


Jesse Waters Report on Russia Hoax Investigation



Mark Twain's quote: " A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes".  The fallacy of this statement today is, with the political machines and corrupt media organizations, that it is not an issue of one day but on many years before the truth can break through the information control structures to be revealed.  Such has been the case with the Russia Hoax which shackled the Trump Presidency and likely allowed the election of Joe Biden in 2020.  This report by Jesse Waters on the Tucker Carlson Show reviewing the indictments brought by the Special Investigator, John Durham, highlights the origins of the conspiracy, some of the underlying criminals that started the hoax and some of the institutions that supported and continued to use the hoax to attack the Trump presidency.