Fauci and COVID -19


It is often true that the facts about any significant event may be obscured by the bias of the media covering the event and the secrecy of those involved.  So with Covid-19, it seemed likely that the facts would be slowly found and released by investigative efforts of those interested in the facts and not by those at the center of the episode.  This report begins to unwrap some of the information.  

False information is still being presented as truth to obfuscate some of the details.  An early report is that a moratorium on funding "gain of function" research instituted in 2014 was lifted in early 2017 (suggesting and reported by some  that the lifting was by the Trump administration) but the moratorium was, in fact, lifted on January 9, 2017, before President Trump took office.

So keep you attention on the news coming out and be careful not to be fooled by those who wish to control the narrative for their own political purposes.  



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RealClearInvestigations has an interesting article on why Trump Gave Up on Forcing Release of Russiagate Files.  This is the interview with Kash Patel from that article.  Refer to the article for more details.