Interview of Victor Davis Hanson




Mike Lindell Discusses His Findings About The Election


This is an analysis that Mike Lindell assembled based on his research.  You will need to decide if this is convincing, but you need to be able to view and judge for yourself.  It is long but well worth your review.

 Gateway Pundit published articles which dispute the computer graphics and the data tables presented in this video.  They project that these were introduced by an individual to discredit the arguments in favor of voter fraud.  You should review the ariticle if you are serious about understanding the state of play in this saga.



Mainstream Media and Politicians Misleading the Public about Hydroxychloroquine ?




Are you as bewildered as I am


So many events over the past several years are left unexplained by the narrative in the media.

 It is quite often true that the real sequence and drivers of events are not known until years after the events occur.  Relevant documents become available through diligent research and discovery, as well as, declassifications once the protectors of the secrets have lost their powers to conceal.  Such was the case with Senator McCarthy and the "Red Scare".  It was not until the 1990's that the truth about the activities by actors, declared "not guilty and abused" by the media of the day, were found identified as agents in the archives of of the KGB after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the USSR.  Even today, however, the myth lives on in films, books, and complicit media.

Likely, it will be many years before the truth around the Russia Hoax, the 2020 election of Biden, and integrity or lack thereof of agencies such as the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA.  There are, nonetheless, a number of resources that might be worth your reviewing to get a glimpse of some of the concerns.


Judicial Watch partnered with "The Unreported Story Society" to produce a video "Obamagate".  

From the caption in the movie:

"The film's entire dialogue is taken word-for-word and consists entirely of texts, emails, tweets, memos and congressional testimony.  It is 100% verbatim and premiered on Youtube on October 20, 2020."

There are a number of take aways from the film.  For me, maybe the most telling, is the utter mediocrity of the key participants in the hoax.  If they represent the caliber of "professionals" in our government, no wonder we are in such a turmoil.



there are a series of articles at by Sundance that review many of the documents that have recently been released.  These are well worth the time to review and for you to follow some of the threads about the documents for further review.