Shifting Sands in The Middle East


Trump's policies in the Middle East are coming to fruition.  This video provides an overview.



Peter Navarro Interview


Peter Navarro is an articulate spokesman for the Trump administration.  He, in this interview, brings perspective to the events that were part of the Trump administration response to the Wuhan Virus and the underlying strategy that drove the decision making.  Particularly important are the actions taken to improve the underlying economy by supporting Amerian Business recovery.  The push by the administration has been to continue to remove obstacles allowing businesses to flourish, while creating manufacturing facilities to provide critical resources to the American public.






“With all due respect Mr. President, you created this mess - now you fix it! You invited them in, now you solve it [...] Illegally entering the United States is not a right to citizenship. Don't tell us we're heartless because we believe in the rule of law, which is the foundation upon which our country was founded.”In last night's Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted President Barack Obama for the illegal immigration crisis, accusing him of attempting to change the demographics and electorate of the U.S. Watch her entire Opening Statement:

Posted by Fox News on Sunday, July 13, 2014