Tuesday's Wallace-Biden vs Trump Debate - Take 2


When you consider the debate and the media control of topics, think about how the media controls the narrative.  Every day of the year, they cover the topics that they want you to hear about.  They ask questions, as much to get the topic into the headlines and to present their views in the questions to influence the public, as anything else.  You can see their tactics on display at the White House briefing every time.

The presidential debate on national tv and cable is one of the opportunities for President Trump to bypass their screening and talk directly to a large portion of the American People about issues of critical importance that the national media would just as soon hide.  Such is the case of the massive scandals of the "totally without scandal" Obama-Biden administration.

Wallace could have been an honest broker had he had a question on the spying on the Trump campaign and President Trump.  This is, to any observer of politics, a story with breaking news and of importance to the current decision making of the voter in the upcoming election.

Wallace might also have asked about Hunter Biden's making huge amounts of money in regions where his father had prime responsiblity for policy.

Rather, President Trump had to assert the questions into the debate for the average American voter to even hear about.  The media and even the pundits on the conservative side are shocked by an unsightly argument and, seemingly, think it would be better if the voter never heard the comments than endure such uncivilized behavior.  No, they would rather give the moderator a mute button.

As shown in this video, Kevin Nunes continues to be a reasoned, passioned voice trying to push the Republicans to stand up for what is right.  Maria Bartiromo continues to bring light to the issues that the main stream media fails to cover.



Tuesday's Wallace-Biden vs Trump Debate


Much of the discussion by the media after the debate on Tuesday points to the superficial optics and decrying the interference of President Trump when Joe Biden was trying to make his comments.  Their view is evident in the comments Federalist website by Joshua Lawson, managing editor of The Federalist.

 "Debates aren’t supposed to be WWE-style rumbles or Dean Martin celebrity roasts. Far from it. Debates should better inform us of a candidate’s positions on issues, show us a candidate’s ability to think extemporaneously, and reveal character. Debates don’t exist to amuse us. But make no mistake about it, there was nothing at all amusing about the political travesty and wasted opportunity we witnessed Tuesday night."

Mr. Lawson's solution is to give more power to the moderator.  Give him a cut off button to shut off the mike of a speaker.

Lawson and many others somehow think that the moderator (press) has the right to decide what the AmericanPeople should hear and that the candidates are simply role players and follow the moderator's cues.  It is evident from the questions that Wallace selected for the debate and how he worked to get his point of view across that this is not a desirable approach.

The video below suggests that giving the press more authority is the worst thing you could do.


This is your press core


For those of you who have attended monthly meetings in business or other organizations, where you might expect to discuss important issues that happened and where everyone has prepared the data required to have an intelligent discussion and then someone walks into the meeting and dumps some new topic on the table, which few are even aware of, and demands to talk about it.  Most often, this indicates that that person has not prepared for the meeting or doesn't like the answers they found.  Such is how the press core handles press briefings, except that they coordinate their attack with aid of nefarious sources.

The New York Times claims to have President Trump's tax returns and that he has paid little or no taxes.  President Trump contends that is not true.  Further, President Trump continues to state that the information that they seek by obtaining his individual tax returns is more readily discernable by reviewing the public records, filed annually, of the companies that in his portfolio.

Notice that they all assume the information from the Times is true.  Just like the Russia Collusion!  Just like the failure to respond to targeting of troops by the Russians!  Then notice how disrespectfully they shot out their insults at the end.

The American People deserve better.


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