Peter Navarro Interview


Peter Navarro is an articulate spokesman for the Trump administration.  He, in this interview, brings perspective to the events that were part of the Trump administration response to the Wuhan Virus and the underlying strategy that drove the decision making.  Particularly important are the actions taken to improve the underlying economy by supporting Amerian Business recovery.  The push by the administration has been to continue to remove obstacles allowing businesses to flourish, while creating manufacturing facilities to provide critical resources to the American public.





Victor David Hanson at Hilllsdale Discusses The Modern State

These are indeed troubling times.  There is something wrong in our politics.  The current president is unfit for the job.  The modern progressives really seem to have a problem with the concept of America.  It's worth thinking about the foundations of our society to discover those elements that we are loosing and determine if we agree or we need to hold on and vote the current ruling class out of power.  

Victor Davis Hanson gives a intellectual framework for understanding the origins of our society and the risk we have if we allow it to be lost.  He also has a view on those who today seem to be controlling the course of the country's decline.


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Laura Trump Interview of President Trump


According to several websites, Instagram and Facebook have banned this interview of President Trump.  That seems inappropriate to say the least.  So we have republished it here.