Update from Sidney Powell on 2020 Elections


House Oversight Committee - Energy Hearing Critiqued

The Biden Energy Policies are causing shortages and energy price hikes across the country.  Congress is realigned its committee on oversight to harass energy companies rather than to investigate government actions.

Tulsi Gabbard Interview Highlights How The Self Anointed "Elite" Protect Themselves and Attack Others


Tulsi Gabbard, in this interview, points out how the powers to be protect themselves and attack others when they step out of line.  She and the host discuss the labelling of parents as "Domestic Terrorists" because they do not choose to accept the current naraative pushed by these "Elites".  You will see this also play out in the next video, as Dinesh D'Souza highlights the political prosecutions of people associated with January 6th.


Dinesh D'Souza Examines Current Status Of January 6 Investigations