Glenn Greenwall Points Out Real MisInformation Campaign

We find ourselves in dangerous times.  Over the last four to five years, the press, Demcocrat operatives and  some parts of our government have used misinformation to try to extend their power and destroy their political opponents.  Misinformation about Trump and Russia became a staple of the Democrats, the political leftists and much of the mainstream media during this time.  Glenn Greenwall in this video points one of the many false narratives and how they pushed this nonsense on the public.

Hopefully, this type of reporting and the investigation into the Russia hoax will allow the American People to see the real threats posed by these type of activities and cause a course correction that might prevent even further damage to the country. 


"GETTR" - New Social Media Platform


Jason Miller appeared on Steve Bannon's Warroom to discuss the July 4th launch of a new uncensored social media platform.  He promises to avoid the censorship of the control minded group of Tech Companies, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.  This is an video from the Rumble platform, another video source to bypass the censorship of You Tube ,i. e., Google.


Media and CIA Meeting In Idaho


The annual meeting of Big Tech, Investors, Media Companies, and the CIA are meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho, this week (week of July 5, 2021).

Mark Dice shares his thoughts about the meeting.


DeAnna Price Demolishes US Hammer Throw Record to Qualify for the Tokyo Olympics


This achievement by DeAnna Price is amazing.  Probably as amazing is that on many websites and the political news, a pampered third place finisher tried to steal the limelight by complaining about the playing of the National Anthem at the same time as the award ceremony.  Hope you enjoy the video.