BREAKING NEWS - Nov 15, 2019: President Trump pardoned Lt. Clint Loreance

and reversed another travesty of Justice from the Obama Era!!!



                   For Immediate Release


BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) on behalf of our 14,600+ activist members across Louisiana calls for the release of Lt. Clint Lorance from prison and ultimately pardoned.

We ask that every American citizen join with us in this very important quest.  Get updates, learn more, take action and donate to the cause at

1Lt Clint Lorance

The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) Is Supporting Freedom for Lt. Clint Lorance who is serving time in a federal prison for 20 years for engaging the Taliban enemy in Afghanistan that he was sent there to fight. How can that happen? Because the Obama Administration put UNREALISTIC restrictions on our combat troops in Rules of Engagement that made our troops fair game for the enemy who could ambush us, attack us and fire upon us before we were allowed to exercise THE INALIENABLE RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE and return fire. This made it virtually impossible to engage the enemy effectively and win the war, not having the element of surprise or being able to really go on the offensive. These Obama Rules of Engagement were more concerned about enemy casualties than our own losses. Our troops were expected to die for these Rules of Engagement rather than fight successfully for our freedom and the freedom of the people of Afghanistan.

The Tea Party of Louisiana has therefore resolved to help Lt. Clint Lorance gain his freedom along with other soldiers in similar situations. We will work through Members of Congress and officials in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government to get relief for these faithful warriors who are being cruelly imprisoned for simply doing their job and actually fighting the enemy. This is especially outrageous as the regular rules of engagement have now been restored by the Trump Administration, but soldiers are still being tried and imprisoned under the Obama Rules that were in effect for the past 8 years. This double standard must be stopped. The Obama Administration must not be allowed to continue oppressing our loyal troops even after leaving office through their rules that were in effect for the past 8 years.


Cecil Cavanaugh, TPoL Board Chairman, said, “This will not stand. Our troops were turned into convenient targets for the enemy and then punished if they engaged the enemy effectively.” Bob Reid, Spokesperson for the Tea Party of Louisiana, said, “It’s no wonder we were not winning the war. Look what our leaders were doing to our own troops that basically guaranteed mission failure and caused greater casualties on our side”.

Suzanne White, TPoL Board Member, who is spearheading this soldiers’ freedom campaign for the Tea Party of Louisiana said, “We are asking everyone to help us move as quickly as possible. Clint Lorance needs your help now as well as the other oppressed soldiers being abused by these diabolical Obama Rules. “This brave 1st Lieutenant, charged with protecting his men, made the spot-on split-second decision to order his marksman to fire upon a motorcycle carrying 3 members of the Taliban that was gunning towards his platoon.  Two were killed, one escaped.  The escapee was later captured and found to have homemade explosive residue on his hands.” These were hard core enemy Taliban terrorists. Suzanne White has corresponded with Clint, now incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth, and is amazed by his unwavering resiliency and love of country DESPITE his unjust imprisonment.  “He does not play the victim but remains dedicated to fighting to right this wrong and still proclaims America as the greatest nation on earth.”

Capt. Bob Bell, a retired Navy JAG legal officer who is helping with this freedom campaign for our troops, said, “I cannot sleep at night until these horrible injustices are corrected. These irrational failure mandating Obama Rules of Engagement must be erased from all their effects, and our brave warriors must be restored to their places of honor won in combat against our enemies”. 

The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) will go statewide and nationally with this campaign and we ask you to join with us by writing, calling, texting to your US Congressional Representative and your US Senators until they are released. We will not stop until our faithful troops are free again and able to serve our nation successfully.

Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC