Who would you rather have as FBI Director, Chris Wray or Sidney Powell

The attached Newsmax show, firstly, highlights the displeasure of President Trump with Christopher Wray.  Wray has perform poorly in cleaning up the FBI and has provided almost no help in bringing forward exculpatory information to aid in the defense of those persecuted during the Russia Hoax.  Judicial Watch has sued and obtained some information pertaining to the misconduct oft the FBI, but has been fought on every issue.  Even after Judicial Watch winning in court on FOIA lawsuits to reveal some of the most egregious issues, the FBI and the DOJ have only begrudgingly and slowly produced the documents.  One would have to think that they are running out the clock, hoping for a change of president.

In his testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee, Ray made assertions that were, in my opinion, problamatic:  firstly, that Russia was the biggest threat to interfere in the Election; secondly, downplaying the organization and the damage being done by Antifa.  Once again, he suggested that right wing groups were the biggest threat to homeland security.  He is in a position to know much more that I, but his assertions about Antifa being an ideological following, rather than a group, seems to me to downplay the actual destruction we are seeing and the obvious organization and funding of this GROUP.

Sidney Powell's comments are worth hearing and she would certainly bring some fresh air and disinfectant to the FBI were she to become the FBI Director.