Islam’s Master Plan for America

by John Adams


The Muslim Brotherhood 30-Year Plan

On Christmas day 1992 American news journalist Steven Emerson, on assignment in Oklahoma City, saw a vast crowd of people in Arabic dress gathering at the Oklahoma City Convention Center. Emerson was informed it was a Muslims-only event and denied entry to the Convention Center.He then noticed a large group of new converts in the foyer, deftly merged with the crowd, and gained entry. Inside the meeting hall, a series of “speakers, including a leader of Hamas, Khalid Misha’al,” whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Cries of “Destroy the West” and “Kill the Jews” repeatedly erupted from the audience.[ii]


Twenty years later America is sound asleep!


Firebrand Egyptian Cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi came to the USA in 1989 and 1990 and during his visits, he was instrumental in drawing up the “Muslim Brotherhood 30-year plan to gain total control of the USA by the year 2020.”[iv]

This plan brazenly declared:

“The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.”[vi]Today many of these same groups areexerting enormous power in shaping and President Obamas foreign policy and have been deeply embedded within the Obama Administration.

President Obamas insane, or treasonous, actions could only be hypothetically compared to President Franklin D Roosevelt placing high-ranking Nazis such as Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Eichmann, and Joseph Goebbels into his administration after the declaration of war on Germany.


The Al Qaeda 20-Year Plan to Dominate America.

In 2006, Pulitzer, Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright penned an article in The New Yorker magazine, revealing the Al Qaeda “Master Plan” developed by the year 2000.


The meticulously detailed 20-year plan contained seven phases of implementation with the end goal of destroying the US Constitution and having all nations in submission to Islamic rule by the year 2020.


It is no coincidence the Muslim Brotherhoods plan and the Al Qaeda plan both converge on 2020 as the completion date, as Al Qaeda is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, and both totally committed to global Jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood has two main spheres of operation; a military wing and a social, educational or cultural wing.


While many media, political and academic pundits may scoff at the very idea, the seven-phase plan has progressed perfectly and is right on target with stage six about to be launched.


The seven phases are summarized as follows:

Phase 1 called “The Awakening” (2000 to 2003) began in earnest “on September 11, 2001” and was designated to wake up the Muslim world from its “state of hibernation.” [viii] This plan of action proved a total success as confirmed by the 9-11 attacks.

Phase 2 called “Eye Opening” (2003 to 2006), intended for Iraq becoming the fertile “recruiting ground for young men eager to attack America.” This phase planned to use the Internet as a tool for launching “electronic jihad” to “propagate” Islam and more specifically the ideology of Al Qaeda.[x]

This phase was highly successful! Iraq deteriorated into sectarian chaos becoming a fertile breeding ground for “young men” with a hate-fueled vendetta against America, and we now have thousands of Islamic websites taking part in the global recruitment of terrorists. Continuous combat has proved a staggering financial burden to America. Just as the brilliant military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, discovered the hard way; ongoing war is an expensive venture. It forced the sale of the French colony of Louisiana to America.

Phase 3 called “Arising and Standing Up” (2007 to 2010)  called for the reshaping of the Middle East with a focus on “Syria and Turkey.”  Al Qaeda also planned “to directly confront Israel, to gain more credibility among the Muslim population.”[xii]

Phase 4 called, “The creeping loss of the regimes” (2010 to 2013) called for the “recovery” of Arab nations who were not wholly governed by Sharia. The planned objective was to replace the existing leadership with Muslim Brotherhood approved leaders. This phase was to begin the collapse of “Americas power… through the constant expansion of the circle of confrontation.”[xiv] This phase planned for the weakening of the West and a significant shift in the balance of international power. Mission accomplished!

To see how successful this stage has been, just turn on the 6 O’clock News!

Phase 6“Total Confrontation” (2016 – 2020). This timeframe calls for a “declaration” of total, all-out war, in early 2016, between the “believers” and “non-believers” (Muslims and non-Muslims). This apocalyptic time in which “the world will realize the meaning of real terrorism.”[xvi]

For the liberal critics who would ridicule this notion perhaps you might reflect; the first five phases have been completed right on target. What assurance do you have that the sixth and seventh stages are a figment of the imagination?  

Shamim a. Siddiqi is a brilliant, Pakistani – American, Muslim scholar and author who is highly regarded as a visionary leader by American Muslims.

Author Paul L. Willliams, in his outstanding book “Crescent Moon Rising,”  records some of Siddiqi’s more famous quotes:

•         “Islam is a Deen (way of life) – NOT  a religion. It is an ideology, a code of conduct that governs the entire spectrum of human life.”

•        “No true Muslim can assimilate within American culture.”

•         “The USA permits Islamists to pursue their political agenda without the necessity of violence. It is the proverbial lamb that can easily be led to the Halal slaughter house.”

Williams further elaborated; “Sidiqqi saw the Islamists gaining control of the White House and the corridors of Executive, Legislative & Judicial Power before 2020.

Wake up America. Please!

Islam’s Master Plan for America 

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