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  1. Pakistan: To become lawyers, Ahmadis have to sign statement renouncing their faith
    This effectively prevents Ahmadis from becoming lawyers, so that when other Ahmadis encounter legal difficulties, they have to rely on lawyers who are immediately unsympathetic to them. “Pakistan: To Join Bar, Ahmadi Lawyers Are Asked to Deny Their Faith,” by Marco Respinti, Bitter Winter, March 21, 2023: …Saudi Arabia, which is an Islamic absolute monarchy, […]
  2. That 8216;Arab Demographic Time Bomb8217; In Israel? It Doesn’t Exist
    The Israelis are constantly told that one reason they need to accept a “two-state solution” is so that they can preserve a state that is “both Jewish and democratic,” which will not be possible if the Arab citizens outnumber the Jews. There is a need, so they are told, to create a new state where […]
  3. UK: Muslim says he praised a jihadi and encouraged people to behead blasphemers 8216;just to have some more followers8217;
    It’s telling that Ajmal Shahpal thought he would get more followers by praising a jihad murderer and encouraging beheading for blasphemy. We’re constantly told that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the West reject “extremism.” So if that were true, wouldn’t praising a jihadi and calling for the beheading of blasphemers make Shahpal less popular? […]
  4. Canada: Alleged 8216;civil liberties groups8217; call for 8216;immediate moratorium8217; on 8216;prejudiced audits8217; of Muslim charities
    A renewed and aggressive launch is underway to smear the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as “Islamophobic” for investigating highly questionable Islamic charities. A relentless effort to stop the CRA has been ongoing. Now comes a portentous news item from the Hill Times: “Civil liberties groups call for immediate moratorium on ‘prejudiced audits’ of Muslim charities […]
  5. ‘White Fragility’ Author Comes Out for Segregation, Yet Isn’t Canceled Like Scott Adams
    New in PJ Media: Race-hate huckster Robin DiAngelo, the white author of White Fragility, has come out for racial segregation, but don’t expect her to become the object of moral indignation and start getting canceled everywhere. DiAngelo supports the separation of the races in a way that our self-anointed moral superiors on the Left find acceptable: […]