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  1. Syrian Christians’ Unlikely Allies
    “The Islamic Republic of Iran, which is Shiite, is taking care of Christians in a way that France should, according to its promises,” one Syrian soldier told aid worker Alexandre Goodarzy in 2016. In a new Sophia Institute Press translation of his French memoirs, Kidnapped in Iraq: A Christian Humanitarian Tells His Story, he examines […]
  2. From Muslim to Christian: My Journey (Part 6)
    Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 Even though learning about the doctrine of Jihad had an effect on me on a spiritual level, I was never the type of guy who would engage in such violence. I don’t think anyone who knows me can imagine me as an extremist, but sometimes you have no idea […]
  3. Fear and Loathing in Iran
    Iran is in a parlous state. Its economy is in a shambles. The Iranian rial has lost 90% of its value in the last three years. 80% of Iranians now live below the poverty line. Its farmers are suffering from the worst drought in fifty years, made worse by the mismanagement of water resources. Exports […]
  4. India: Muslims sabotage dyke, leading to catastrophic flood that has killed 173 people
    Here is some real innovation: a new and deadly jihad technique. Imagine if all the energies jihadis spend devising new ways to kill were devoted to something positive. “Assam: Mithu Hussain Laskar and Kabul Khan arrested for damaging embankment of Barak river leading to catastrophic floods in Silchar,” OpIndia, July 4, 2022: According to reports, […]
  5. Cameroon: Muslim raid hospital, murder a security guard, first jihad attack in this area since 2014
    Weakness invites aggression. But never fear: “Last month, Cameroon’s Defence Minister Joseph Beti Assomo flew to the region and announced an overhaul in military operations to curb the new tactics of the militants.” We have heard that song for years in Nigeria and nothing was done. The outcome is unlikely to be different in Cameroon. […]