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  1. Both solar and wind energy have fatal flaws – solar stops when the sun goes down or if a cloud blocks the sun; wind fails if the wind is too strong or too weak. But every day we hear of some fantastic and expensive plan to keep the lights on when these unreliable energy twins stop work. The latest thought bubble from Mr Bowen (the Australian Minister for Generating Blackouts) is for him to be able to drain the energy from electric car batteries to back up a failing grid. He suggests that batteries could also power the house or sell energy into the grid. (They are already scheming on how to use smart technology to prevent homeowners from charging their own batteries when flicker power is fading.)
  2. Such confusing times, so much in dispute, so much to discover and know. Billions of people are right now lifting their phones to their faces and searching for answers. The results they see are dramatically different from what they were just a few years ago.

    You have surely noticed that Google searches aren’t what they used to be. Or maybe you haven’t, and that’s the idea. For many years, we trusted Google to give us consensus results based on the standard of crowd-sourced credibility. While the system was imperfect, it worked well enough.

  3. A Google Earth satellite video is making the rounds on twitter. It shows the moment an arc of fires began in northern Quebec, the smoke rising. It looks like people calculated the prevailing winds so that the smoke would blow south. Then connected via sat phone, they lit them. It’s another psy-op from our gracious overlords. We aren’t afraid enough, despite every nasty limiting idiotic play they have visited upon us in the last four years. Monkeypox failed, more plague warnings were greeted by a shrug. But this one, the world bursting into flame? Be very very afraid.

  4. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” George Orwell wrote in 1984. A powerful example of that is happening right now as Cultural Marxists are decolonializing the art collection at the University of Manitoba.

    Karen Pauls explored the white purge in a recent CBC article. Here, C.W. Brooks-Ip, registrar and preparator of the University of Manitoba Art Collection, said it wasn’t only problematic art that was the problem, it was the school itself.

  5. In the waning days of June, the federal Liberal government, supported by the New Democratic Party, passed legislation to take away some of the rights to free speech in Canada.

    Bill C-59 was an omnibus budget bill, which meant its passage was assured lest the government fall. And there are some amendments to the Competition Act within C-59 which are effectively a gag law for you, me, and everybody else.