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  1. President Joe Biden expressed confidence Friday that Congress will pass both a $3.5 trillion spending bill and a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, although the more... Read More

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  2. Twitter makes it easy to realize that the purpose of “fact-checkers” is most commonly rushing to defend President Joe Biden from misinterpretation … and mockery.... Read More

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  3. The Hunter Biden email cover-up may not be the most contemptible example of the modern political media’s corruption, but it is probably the most demonstrable.... Read More

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  4. I want to thank the distributor of my articles, Creators Syndicate, for allowing me to take eight weeks off from writing my weekly column so... Read More

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  5. Deterrence is the ancient ability to scare somebody off from hurting you, your friends, or your interests—without a major war. Desire peace? Then be prepared... Read More

    The post At Home and Abroad Alike, Civilization Requires Deterrence appeared first on The Daily Signal.