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  1. A House committee has found that there was “no legitimate basis” for the Biden administration to use Justice Department resources to target supposed “threats” to... Read More

    The post ‘No Legitimate Basis’ for DOJ Targeting of Protesting Parents, House Panel’s Report Concludes appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  2. The Justice Department and Big Tech seem to have a revolving-door relationship, one watchdog group contends after doing an analysis covering over 20 years.  Corporate... Read More

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  3. Former Vice President Mike Pence called for “commonsense” reforms to Social Security and Medicare during remarks to college students at Washington and Lee University. “If... Read More

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  4. The White House press corps is a microcosm of the national media. It is overwhelmingly liberal, stuffed with Joe Biden voters. So, it was downright... Read More

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  5. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis thinks he would beat President Joe Biden if he ran against him in 2024, the governor revealed in an interview with... Read More

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