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  1. Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss spoke Monday at The Heritage Foundation about how the United States and the United Kingdom are facing very challenging... Read More

    The post Liz Truss’ Warning to US: Stop Appeasing Woke Orwellianism at Home and Totalitarianism Abroad appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  2. The attorney general of Ohio has asked the state’s Supreme Court to intervene in a matter involving an Ohio judge who temporarily blocked a law... Read More

    The post After Judge Blocks Law Protecting Kids From Transgender Surgeries, Ohio Calls on State Supreme Court to Intervene appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  3. FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL—Eva Edl turned 10 years old in a World War II-era death camp. She believes she may die in a United... Read More

    The post EXCLUSIVE: She Survived a Death Camp. Facing Biden DOJ Charges, She Is Prepared to Die in Prison appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  4. A third House Republican has announced he will co-sponsor a motion to vacate introduced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., that, if passed, would end... Read More

    The post Third Republican Announces Support for Ousting Johnson as House Speaker appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  5. If those in federal office are willing to pay attention, the states are displaying the best—and the worst—of our republican form of government. Every four... Read More

    The post Differences Among States Are a Plus, Not a Bug, in Our System appeared first on The Daily Signal.