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  1. JPMorgan Chase admitted to pressuring the financial software company Intuit into preventing gun sellers from using the company’s payment processing services, according to a letter... Read More

    The post Why Are Gun Companies Losing Payroll Services? Cruz Investigation Finds Underlying Culprit appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  2. California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a state measure on Friday that would have required parents to “affirm gender transitions” for their children or risk losing... Read More

    The post Newsom Vetoes Bill Requiring California Parents to Affirm Kids’ ‘Gender Transitions’ appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  3. The Department of Homeland Security has sparked controversy by adding to its Intelligence Board multiple members who signed on to the since-debunked 2020 letter saying... Read More

    The post DHS Team Recruits Officials Who Falsely Called Hunter Biden Laptop Story ‘Russian Disinformation’ appeared first on The Daily Signal.

  4. On May 15, 1970, The New York Times published an article by esteemed Russia scholar Albert Parry detailing how Soviet dissident intellectuals were covertly passing... Read More

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  5. As if Bidenflation, collapsing school test scores, a demolished “border,” vagrant encampments, stool-stained sidewalks, blood-soaked streets, juvenile genital mutilation, surging sex slavery, and mounting foreign threats were not enough, Democrats just trashed the majesty of what has been... Read More

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