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  1. Around the Taliban, and in a bizarre combination of convergence of interests and ideological kinship, a new anti-Western circle is evolving, including a willing NATO member state.... anti-Western sentiments are bringing together these regional powers,
  2. The fact that the Squad picked on the Iron Dome to make its stand against Israel is significant. The Iron Dome is a system developed jointly by the United States and Israel that is purely defensive. It does not kill, injure, or threaten anyone. It only
  3. I never liked that term, "war on terror." Terrorism is a tactic; it is not the enemy we fought every day. The term has done more to confuse us than enlighten us. [O]ne can see why the phrase "war on terror" became the widely accepted nomenclature. It was
  4. To answer the question of who is controlling the Biden presidency, we should consider the Biden administration's disastrous policy decisions. "Cui bono?" – Who benefits? Why would Biden abandon Bagram Air Force Base? It is key to all of Southwest Asia –
  5. "China's explosive growth and modernization of its nuclear and conventional forces can only be what I describe as breathtaking. Frankly, that word, breathtaking, may not be enough." — Admiral Charles Richard, Commander of US Strategic Command, Space and