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  1. Let us understand what the National Lawyers Guild is. The Guild, in addition, refused to support Soviet or Cuban dissidents. The Guild has never abandoned its Marxist-Leninist provenance. It supports Antifa, which also employs violence to disrupt
  2. [E]conomic writer Charles Hugh Smith has repeatedly warned [about] the "crapification" of the U.S. economy.... customers with scant other buying options are forced to accept that few purchases will last. Politicians seem to be heading in a similar
  3. Today, China is victorious by sponsoring the historic agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, while the US has a new president who comes to destroy agreements reached by his predecessor, and even brags about it during his election campaign and his
  4. [T]hose who took to the streets and protested the regime were all too aware that the most inhuman punishments and executions awaited them as retaliation for their struggle for freedom. Such courage and sacrifice for democracy and human rights must not be
  5. From the start of the conflict one of [Putin's] key assumptions has been that the Western powers were too weak and divided to sustain their support for the Ukrainian cause, and so it is proving. This depressing picture will undoubtedly be interpreted by