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  1. Various opinion polls put [Erdoğan's] popularity at less than 30%, compared to the 52% with which he won re-election in 2018. Many Turks, although starving, are nevertheless proud that they have a leader who can confront the "infidel West" -- including
  2. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook paid over $20 million to the New York Times and $15 million to the Washington Post in annual fees. Even more valuable than the big checks was Facebook's ability to push media content to its users. Last year,
  3. The vast majority of the Palestinians, however, make it abundantly clear that they do not believe in the "two-state solution" and would rather see Hamas, the Iranian-backed terror group whose charter calls for the elimination of Israel, replace the
  4. Just several short years after grudgingly recognizing the United States, the British were not done with their former colony. In 1812, they sought to invade our nation at three points: from Canada; an amphibious assault from the Chesapeake, and an attack
  5. With countless thanks to our forefathers and all those who sacrifice so much each day to preserve the precious values in the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. If we do not protect them, they will be taken away. We have so much to be