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  1. The CCP, as the Chinese Communist Party is informally known, has now lost hearts across the country. China throughout the Communist period has witnessed demonstrations, but most of them are, as Burton noted, "highly localized" and "directed at
  2. The City of San Francisco is a state actor that is constitutionally prohibited from disqualifying job applicants on the basis of race. That is precisely what occurred here, despite the phony claim that Arntz can reapply for his job. There is one
  3. "I heard them. They were shouting in Arabic and Swahili, saying that the kafirs [unbelievers] should be killed, all of them, and make Congo an Islamic state. Shoot all of them. Kill all of them, and burn their houses, these notorious Christians." —
  4. The new enrichment program is taking place in the Fordo nuclear center which, built deep underground, is supposed to be immune from possible air strikes. As on the eight previous occasions when this trick was used, Tehran's message is addressed to
  5. The mullahs are freely expanding their nuclear weapons program, now enriching uranium to nearly weapons-grade level. Iran is also seeking assistance from its ally, Russia, to bolster its nuclear program, according to the US intelligence officials. Iran