Cassidy Introduces Gulf Coast Jobs Preservation Act



WASHINGTON – Today, Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy introduced H.R. 5519, legislation to overturn President Obama’s deepwater drilling moratorium, which threatens tens of thousands of Louisiana jobs and has been rejected as unnecessary by the President’s own panel of engineering experts.


“The moratorium is a political decision made by President Obama and Secretary Salazar.  Petroleum engineering experts chosen by the President strongly disagreed with the moratorium and recommended it end.  After losing fisheries and coastal tourism to the spill, Louisiana’s economy cannot afford to lose energy jobs to politics.”


Co-sponsored by the entire Louisiana delegation in the House of Representatives, the legislation overturns the May 30 Minerals Management Service Notice to Lessees No. 2010–N04, which established a moratorium on deepwater energy production, by stating that the Notice “shall have no force or effect.”


According to the Louisiana Midcontinent Oil & Gas Association, the deepwater moratorium:

  • Shuts down 33 rigs, which employ 180-280 workers apiece, with each worker supporting an additional four jobs in the energy economy
  • Jeopardizes up to $330 million a month in household income
  • Reduces domestic energy production by 80,000 barrels per day
  • Risks $7.6 billion in future government revenues

In addition to the other six Members of the Louisiana House delegation (Reps. Joseph Cao, Charlie Melancon, Charles Boustany, Rodney Alexander, Steve Scalise, and John Fleming), Cassidy’s bill was co-sponsored by the following Members, representing 12 states and from both sides of the aisle:

HR 870 - Proposed federal ID card rejected by House committee

By Ed Anderson, The Times-Picayune


A House committee voted 16-1 Monday to bar the Department of Public Safety and Corrections from implementing a proposed federal identification card if Congress passes it.

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Jindal says healthcare legislation is unconstitutional


BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced Monday afternoon that he believes the national health care bill approved by Congress Sunday is unconstitutional.


"It's a bad bill for Louisiana, a bad bill for America," Jindal said.


Jindal said he has asked Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell to look into the legality of the federal government mandating that citizens purchase health care insurance.


"This is a huge overreach," Jindal said during a Monday afternoon news conference.  "I believe it would violate the constitutional rights of our people."

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Vitter Introduces Legislation to Repeal Obamacare


(Washington, D.C.) - U.S. Sen. David Vitter today introduced legislation that would repeal the newly-passed government-run health care bill.


“Last night, against the will of the American people, liberals passed a bill to take over our health care system.  This partisan bill – which was passed without the support of a single Republican – violates the constitution and disrespects the legislative process,” said Vitter. 


“After months of town halls and polls in which the American people overwhelmingly and loudly rejected Obamacare, liberals still moved forward and jammed this bill through using tricky procedural tactics.  In the middle of the night, they passed a bill that will compromise the quality of our health care, raise premiums, drastically cut Medicare, increase job-killing taxes, allow for the federal funding of abortions and create a new entitlement program that adds to our increasing deficit.  This intrusion of the government into the lives of Americans, with a trillion price tag, is a bill that Americans can’t afford and don’t want. 


“That’s why the first thing I did when Senate went back into session today was file legislation to repeal this government takeover of health care.  This bill is unconstitutional, and the American people won’t stand for it.  And I will do everything in my power to reverse the damage.”

Repeal Obamacare Citizen Co-Sponsor Form

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Louisiana AG researches healthcare overhaul bill


BATON ROUGE, LA (AP) - Louisiana's Democratic attorney general has not decided whether he'll challenge the congressional healthcare legislation approved this weekend.


In a statement, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said Monday that he's got his top staff researching the issue and he's conferring with other attorneys general around the country. 

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