Vitter Introduces Legislation to Repeal Obamacare


(Washington, D.C.) - U.S. Sen. David Vitter today introduced legislation that would repeal the newly-passed government-run health care bill.


“Last night, against the will of the American people, liberals passed a bill to take over our health care system.  This partisan bill – which was passed without the support of a single Republican – violates the constitution and disrespects the legislative process,” said Vitter. 


“After months of town halls and polls in which the American people overwhelmingly and loudly rejected Obamacare, liberals still moved forward and jammed this bill through using tricky procedural tactics.  In the middle of the night, they passed a bill that will compromise the quality of our health care, raise premiums, drastically cut Medicare, increase job-killing taxes, allow for the federal funding of abortions and create a new entitlement program that adds to our increasing deficit.  This intrusion of the government into the lives of Americans, with a trillion price tag, is a bill that Americans can’t afford and don’t want. 


“That’s why the first thing I did when Senate went back into session today was file legislation to repeal this government takeover of health care.  This bill is unconstitutional, and the American people won’t stand for it.  And I will do everything in my power to reverse the damage.”

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