​The Tea Party of Louisiana joins with Americans for Prosperity to fight the LOUISIANA GAS TAX INCREASE!!!​  
Just today, House Speaker Taylor Barras said the gas tax increase is, for the first time, "seeing some momentum" to pass the House. He even said it might come down to one vote.
 We need your help to STOP that momentum and Axe the Tax! 

Contact key legislators and,
​(2) join
 us at the Capitol tomorrow 9:00AM 
​voicing your opposition ​
for the vote! 


1. Please take a moment to contact these key legislators TONIGHT:


1. Rep. Jay Morris (R-Monroe) 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

2. Rep. Jim Morris (R-Oil City) 


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3. Rep. Paula Davis (R-Baton Rouge)


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4. Rep. Julie Stokes (R-Kenner) 


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It does not matter if you do not live in these legislators district- a poll last week showed 67% of Louisianians oppose the gas tax hike- these legislators need to hear from us! 
​ ​
Simply leave them a 30 second message asking them to oppose the gas tax increase, HB 632! 

2. The House Ways and Means Committee will meet tomorrow at 9:00 AM to debate and vote on the gas tax increase.We need your help to pack the Ways and Means Committee room and show our legislators that we do NOT need a higher gas tax!

"Government belongs to those who show up"

This quote has been proven true time and time again in Louisiana. Despite polling showing 67% of Louisianians opposed to higher taxes, our legislators for 2 years have raised over $2 billion in taxes on this state. Why? That 67% does not show up- we're busy working while liberal special interest groups bus people in to beg for moretaxpayer dollars before committees. It is time that we show up again and again​ and stand up against higher taxes!!


If you can attend and show your opposition to the gas tax increase, please reply to this e-mail.We need 100 people to help pack the committee room

​ALSO, ​
please forward this to 5 like-minded friends and ask them to join you to Axe the Tax! 
hope you will join us for this CRITICAL 
​opposition to the ​
Key facts about HB 632: 
-Raises state gas tax from $0.20 to $0.37- an increase of about $5 per fill-up, or $250 a year if you fill up weekly! 
-The increase does not stop at $0.17 per gallon. This bill would index the gas tax to the Consumer Price Index, eventually increasing another $0.13 per gallon- more than DOUBLING the current tax! 
-There are alternatives to a higher gas tax for more road funding! First, we could start by using all of the Transportation Trust Fund. There are other bills in the legislature, including one by Rep. Bacala, to use sales tax from vehicle sales to fund road repair and construction. If a legislator says a gas tax is the only option, they have not looked hard enough!
Thank you for your continued help in the fight against higher taxes and bigger government. 
We hope to see you tomorrow! â€‹

Louisiana 2016 Legislature Passes SCR 52

Calling to convene a Convention of the States

to propose constitutional amendments under Article V


to sign the petition in support of our last, best chance to restore liberty in America

short of another bloody revolution!

Call or email your Louisiana legislators who supported and voted for this resolution & thank them & tell them to stay the course!

Click here to see how your Representative voted - HOUSE votes         Click here to see how your Senator voted - SENATE votes

If your State Representative &/or Senator voted against then continue to work on them & let them know you're disappointed in their NAY vote

PRESS RELEASE – TEA PARTY OF LOUISIANA CALLS FOR the Immediate Approval of the Paycheck Protection Act HB 418 


May 12, 2015                                     For Immediate Release


BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) calls for the immediate approval of HB 418 – the Paycheck Protection Act.


TPoL's call for immediately approving the Paycheck Protection Act (HB 418) is based on three indisputable facts that every Legislator needs to come to terms with:

1) In Louisiana, taxpayers are forced to pay for the accounting of government labor unions. We bear the cost of deducting their union dues from state employee paychecks. 

2) Legislators have an obligation to the tax payers not to let unions force us to help pay for their political agenda!

3) Even worse, the union dues we pay to collect are used for political causes—causes you may not support and the vast majority of Louisiana tax payers do not support.


TPoL and its 13,733 activist members and the citizenry we represent expect our legislators not to let these pro-government union special interests take precedence over the taxpayer. TPoL feels that our tax dollars have no business subsidizing government union politics -- on causes we may or may not like! We want this legislation passed this session and urge you to VOTE for the Paycheck Protection Act (HB 418).



Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC

Let us NOT forget the 2013 push for the
500 Million Dollar
MASSIVE Louisiana TAX increase led by Democrats, the Black Caucus and so called "Conservative Fiscal Hawk Republicans !!!

And the $700+ Millon Tax MASSIVE Louisiana TAX increase in the 2015 Session

led by the RINO Republicans!!!

Prepare to make sure we vote these Government Gone Wild Marxist Democrats & RINO Fascists, Tax & Spend Progressive Republicans out of office in the 2015 election!!!

Don't we wish we could just throw every one of them who are of this kind of thinking OUT right now!!! What about just cutting spending & reducing the size of government to balance the budget just like we have to in our household budgets!!! Looks as if Common sense has been LOST in America!


La Republicans Set to Raise Taxes More than Democrats Ever Dreamed??? 


For Immediate Release                                                                                                             May 7, 2015


BATON ROUGE - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) on behalf of all hardworking, taxpaying citizens of Louisiana and our 13,733 activist members across Louisiana calls on all Representatives to vote “NO” on all tax increases.

Led by a new Republican majority, the Louisiana House of Representatives appears to be set to pass a series of massive tax increases on Louisiana businesses and families! The votes are scheduled for Thursday.


In addition, TPoL asks the following three Republican leaders, and ask each of you to ask each of them: Representative Chuck Kleckley, Speaker of the House; Representative Lance Harris, Republican Delegation Leader; and Representative Joel Robideaux, Ways and Means Chairman to stop all of these bills. These are the three GOP leaders in the House who can stop all of these bills from passing if they want. We gather that Chairman Robideaux, who is running for Mayor of Lafayette, has been the informal leader of this movement to raise taxes.


It is unbelievable that a Republican Speaker of the House would be working hard to increase taxes. TPoL and the people of Louisiana have worked very hard over the last few years to give republicans majorities. To think that they would use these majorities to raise taxes is just unthinkable. This is just what we do not need from any Republican let alone the leadership. Do we have the same type of Republican Leadership problem in Louisiana as we have in our US Congress right NOW?


It’s starting to appear that the entire Louisiana House of Representatives seems to be devoid of conservative leadership. We cannot wait for fall elections to find new Representatives in the House if you are going to support increasing ANY taxes.


The people of Louisiana want conservative leadership in the state legislature. We are tired of tax-and-spend liberals and progressive RINOs who don't understand the limited role of government!


Did this legislature already forget the 2013 session when some misguided Republicans and their leadership signed on to and pushed for a 500 Million Dollar Obama style tax increase compromise, and we had your constituents flood your phones and emails, and you heard their anger? Well rest assured they still feel the same way and perhaps even more strongly today.  TPoL will be prepared to expose every legislator who votes for increased taxes in this session instead of just cutting spending and reducing the size of government to balance the budget just like we have to in our household budgets.


The Tea Party of Louisiana feels it is important that each State Representative, and the Legislature as a whole, hear a firm message that we are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!!! And expect you to vote “NO” on any tax increases!


Bob Reid, spokesman

Board of Directors Member

TEA Party of Louisiana, LLC