Liberals in taxpayer pockets

4 Louisiana Constitutional Amendments on Oct 12, 2019 Ballot

Yes on 1,      No on 2, 3 & 4

4 Louisiana Constitutional Amendments on Oct 12, 2019 Ballot

Yes on 1,    No on 2, 3 & 4

    TPoL recommendations re the 4 Constitutional Amendments on the October 12 Ballot and is in total agreement with Ross Little Jr in his Louisiana News recommendations.

 Amendment 1.   YES. 

Keep the Tax Exception for goods on their way to the Outer Continental Shelf.  By voting YES you will keep a few tax-and-spend liberal tax assessors and their liberal supporters in the legislature from taxing goods on their way offshore to the OCS; and result in another indirect pass thru tax to us the ultimate consumer.  This MUST BE STOPPED BY YOU THE VOTER as it is just another liberal attack on the oil and gas industry which only results in higher cost that are passed thru to us as an indirect TAX.  This amendment will make clear what everybody has known all along - Interstate Commerce means local governments cannot tax goods on their way to other states or offshore to the Outer Continental Shelf.


   Vote YES to Amendment 1.


Amendment 2.  NO.   

Give three schools and a liberal corporation more money – for what??? – to support their agenda at our expense of course!!! Time to wake up and STOP this insanity!   Among other things, this would provide left-leaning public broadcasting with even more taxpayer money.  We spend nearly $10 billion in taxpayer dollars on K-12 education, which is more wasteful than any other state agency.  It's exorbitant and run by liberal bureaucrats and the very liberal Socialist teacher's union.    This program, the "Education Excellence Fund," spends nearly $16 million each year.  It's supposedly for "at risk" children for "remedial" education.  If the education establishment wants this program to be funded, they already have plenty of your money.

   Instead of expanding this bureaucracy, they should abolish it. 

Please vote NO to Amendment 2.

 Amendment 3.  NO.   

Give a non-elected bureaucratic board the power to declare laws unconstitutional.  Yes, they think we are that dumb!!! But, they say, it's ok to give this non-elected, politically appointed board (The Board of Tax Appeals) the power to declare laws unconstitutional because they are all lawyers.   And tax lawyers at that!!!

  VOTE No to Amendment 3.

This seems to be an attempt to make the Board of Tax Appeals at the state level comparable to the Tax Court at the Federal Level.  This is nothing more than an attempt by liberals to give bureaucrats more power – BTW, a typical Marxist maneuver!

Business interests like it because it will presumably keep legal costs lower – we understand that.  But it's no excuse to expand the power of an unelected Board who will abuse their powers as we have all seen over this past decade – over and over, again and again.

 In fact, this Board has worked as-is fine for quite a while.  This new power could fundamentally change that.  Liberals will use this to declare laws unconstitutional, a familiar liberal tactic for 100 years.  

 Just say NO.

  VOTE No to Amendment 3.

 Amendment 4.  NO.   

Give the City of New Orleans the power to provide property tax exemptions for just about any residential property.   This is the proposal STINKS OF CORRUPTION!!! Surely, it is the ripest proposal next to amendment 3 for political corruption.  New Orleans is the most liberal left-wing city in the State and the most corrupt.  The exemption would be for "Affordable Housing."  But "Affordable Housing" is not defined.  It seems obvious that such "Affordable Housing" status will be granted to those with political connections.

 We already have property tax exemption for homeowners. By the way, this exemption would apply to both owner-occupied homes and developments of 15 units & under.  It specifically excludes short-term rentals like AirBNB.

It would then mean higher taxes in New Orleans for those without an exemption.   After all, all those tax exempt would be ok with higher taxes that don't affect them.

Vote NO to more corruption by the corrupt!

VOTE NO to Amendment 4.