Mo Brooks Interrogated by Fox News Host 


Representative from Alabama Mo Brooks was on Fox News with Sandra Smith.  Mo Brooks responds to Smith's rather aggressive questioning about the efforts to implement new laws in the aftermath of the recent school shootings and the question of election fraud.  Smith's question are strongly premised on the current liberal talking points.  Mo Brooks' responses are concise and on point.  This is probably a good exchange for the listener to hear the differences between the parties in the debate over guns and the second admendment.  Not discussed by Brooks is the potential for national defense.  In World War ll, some Japanese discussed attacking the US and ruled it out because of all the weapons in the hands of the populace.

Brooks also clarifies the split between he and Trump on election fraud.  In the Trump rally, he had said that we should move on from arguing about the results of the 2020 Election.  This caused a rift between him and President Trump.  He sees no possibility to have the results overturned but strongly believes there was significant fraud.  Here Sandra Smith inserts herself trying to say that there was no fraud.  Brooks vehemently disagrees.  It is hard to see how anyone could believe that there was no fraud.  Most importantly, President Trump is right to argue that if the issue is not properly addressed it will happen again.