The Ministry of Truth

The Department of Homeland Security led by Alejandro Mayorkas is in the process of setting up  a Board of Misinformation.  This was the topic of a Senate hearing.  Senators Kennedy, Louisiana, and Hawley, Missouri, brought many to the problematic issues with the Board and, in particular, the person selected to head the board.

One of the problems which they did not address directly, but continually emphasized by Mayorkas, was that he had no information about the qualifications of the person they had selected even though he contended  he was ultimately responsible.  He then asserted that hiring practices was something that he would not discuss.  From my perspective, the hiring practices should be transparent and if he does not know the details, he should have brought forward someone who does.  This is blatantly an obfuscation that should have been challenged by all senators.  He also would not commit to sharing the paper trail associated with her hiring. 

Senator Hawley brings out the misinformation distributed by the newly appointed head of the board, Nina Jankowicz. 



Senator Kennedy tries to determine the issues with which board will be invloved.  I wish he had used more recent examples that would require a clear answer as to how to decide how the committee would select its targets.  The push by the Biden administration to attack everyone with doubts about the legitimacy of the government's position on Corona treatments and the effectiveness of alternate approaches might be one.  This,as an example, has been handled to date by big tech and legacy media, but with the loss of Twitter, is the government looking to shore up its control of the narrative.