The upcoming elections are critical to the success of the state and the country.  We have attached several pages in this section haelp you find the information on where to vote and the candidates in the various races.  Hopefuly, you will find these  helpful.

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Liberals in taxpayer pockets

4 Louisiana Constitutional Amendments on Oct 12, 2019 Ballot

Yes on 1,      No on 2, 3 & 4



Listen y'all, this is long, but I ask humbly, even in this drive-thru, 10 second society at fault that you try to spare the time to read it because this governor's election is very important in light of the next huge one in 2016 and it took me a long darn time to write it. These thoughts are for the consideration of those who believe in the Republican platform but to those that do not, then you may not want to read this because it probably won't really make a difference and it is SOLELY an expression of my thoughts and I am an unpaid nobody, who researches and finds comfort in writing and just really understands that you cannot flirt with the growth of government, to any degree, for long, before you become slaves to it and with every vote, I try never to lose sight of that.



This is a critical election for Louisiana - either we are going to continue forward on a path toward conservatism to obtain a smaller government, with less taxes, less regulations and more local control in our fight against an oppressive centralized socialist Federal Government, or we are going to revert backwards and again turn over the reins of government in Louisiana to the party of Big Government, Tax and Spend, and bigger Crony Fascists than ever before and that is the Democratic Party! 


We must turn out the conservative vote in this Nov 21st election otherwise we are giving over our state and government to an Obama like governor (John Bell Edwards) who will go along with the national Democratic Party and Obama in all of their Anti-family, Anti-God, Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Pro-Amnesty, Pro-Islam agenda.  IT IS UP TO US - YOU AND ME!!! We need to share this with everyone we know and get them to the polls to vote. 


We got Obama and this mess because Conservatives and Christians did not turn out in the last election against Romney. In our Primary last month we had a  low conservative voter turn out!!! The Democrats had a voter turn out of 46% while only 28% of the Republican and 26% of Other (mostly independents) turned out to vote and you see the RESULTS! What if 46% of Republicans and 46% of Other turned out and voted - results would have surely been different especially in the BESE Board. If you do not vote as a conservative then you are voting for the progressive, Marxist, socialist way of life as they turn out to vote to get it their way! They depend on the apathetic conservative who will not even take the time to vote for what they believe in! Please see the email below from a friend and Mom, Sara,  who is fighting for educational freedom for her and your children and grandchildren. Also I have attached a printable summary voter guide for your use.