This is your press core


For those of you who have attended monthly meetings in business or other organizations, where you might expect to discuss important issues that happened and where everyone has prepared the data required to have an intelligent discussion and then someone walks into the meeting and dumps some new topic on the table, which few are even aware of, and demands to talk about it.  Most often, this indicates that that person has not prepared for the meeting or doesn't like the answers they found.  Such is how the press core handles press briefings, except that they coordinate their attack with aid of nefarious sources.

The New York Times claims to have President Trump's tax returns and that he has paid little or no taxes.  President Trump contends that is not true.  Further, President Trump continues to state that the information that they seek by obtaining his individual tax returns is more readily discernable by reviewing the public records, filed annually, of the companies that in his portfolio.

Notice that they all assume the information from the Times is true.  Just like the Russia Collusion!  Just like the failure to respond to targeting of troops by the Russians!  Then notice how disrespectfully they shot out their insults at the end.

The American People deserve better.


President Trump's Address to the UN


Combatting Human Trafficking

The national media stays focused on issues that are parochial and sometimes trivial in comparison of the many real stories that they could cover.  As an example, the Trump administration has put an emphasis on combatting human trafficking.  Not long ago, President Trump meet with Indian leaders in Arizona where they discussed the issue of missing children and provided additional resources to help in locating these missing children.  In this video from OAN, the efforts and some of the successes of recent programs in locating mising children are highlighted.  It is an hour long video, but you can get the essence of the activies in the first 10 minutes.  If you have time to watch the whole video, you will learn a lot of which you were probably not aware.


The Peace Initiative in the Middle East