Do you know the history of the United States?



There are forces at work in our country to rewrite American History  and force their version into our school system.  It's been happening for years, but is getting a push through the Common Core Actvist and revised Curriculum.  Do you know what your children are being taught in your school?  You might want to find out.  Book excerpts from Silent Spring by Rachel Carson are being taught as if there is no controversy in her methodology nor that parts of the book are fictional.  Again and again the curriculum is being shifted to obscure facts and present opinions, especially those of the left, as undisputed truths.  In this video, BobWoodson speaks with Eric Metaxas describing his program to stop the misinformation contained in the "1699 Project" being pushed by the New York Times and others from becoming an "undisputed truth".

Do you know what your children are being taught?  Is it critical analysis or is it indoctrination?  Does it support the idea of the greatness of America striving for a better future?  Does it highlight the failures of countries like Cuba and Venezuela?  Does it highlight the tyrannies of the USSR and Communist China?


September 4, 2014           PRESS RELEASE


for wanting to use our children as  COMMON CORE “lab rats”  


Baton Rouge - The Tea Party of Louisiana (TPoL) expresses its most vigorous disagreement with Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne’s proclamation of support for implementing “Common Core State Standards”, as stated in his August 16, 2014 op-ed in the Monroe (Louisiana) News Star, and, once again, TPoL restates our opposition to Common Core.


If Dardenne actually understood what Common Core IS (and the consequences it will lead to), he’d see that his “circular arguments” and disregard for fact leaves his proclamation of support for Common Core riddled with contradictions and inconsistencies.  Instead, sadly, he seems to be simply regurgitating “talking points” taken from the “Common Core Playbook”.

These are not the actions of a “leader”, but rather those of a “follower” parroting the “party line”.  This doesn’t bode well for Louisiana, but it should make Harry Reid proud.

If Dardenne thought before he spoke, he’d recognize that his proclamations in defense of Common Core are contradictory and nonsensical.  For example, Dardenne states that Governor Jindal’s attempts to remove Louisiana from Common Core should be abandoned for this year because the Governor’s actions have “caught (students) in the middle”.  But then, Dardenne puts forth the “talking point” that “curriculum is still decided locally.”  Unfortunately, these two points directly contradict each other and are an example of the “double speak” employed by Common Core supporters.

Dardenne conveniently ignores the fact that students can’t be “caught in the middle” if “curricula decisions are (truly) made locally”.  If local school boards really have “control of the curriculum”, and if curriculum and testing are not linked, as Dardenne and other Common Core supporters claim, then how can abandoning Common Core testing for this year have any effect on what the students will be taught?

None of the school boards have changed the curriculum at the last minute.  The only change Governor Jindal proposes is to disregard the “Common Core Standards”, the practical application of which is not do the end-of-year Common Core required testing. So, Mr. Dardenne, if the Common Core Standards as embodied in the required end-of-year testing aren’t driving EVERYTHING, then where’s the problem in waiting and not implementing Common Core this year?  Why the big rush?

Next, Dardenne tries to paint Common Core as nothing more than a benign, non-threatening requirement by stating that “Common Core is a set of standards….”, ridiculing by implication the idea that Common Core has been co-opted into a tool of coercion by the Federal Department of Education.  Well, Mr. Dardenne, if, as you imply, this is not the case, then how do you explain the Federal Government’s denial of “Race to the Top” funding for Oklahoma in response to Oklahoma’s withdrawal from Common Core.

Wake up Mr. Dardenne!  To think that the Common Core standards won’t be the driver for the future of education is simply absurd; there’s no point in having standards if the curriculum isn’t going to teach what those standards require.  And, by the way, Mr. Dardenne, since Common Core hasn’t been thoroughly “alpha” or “beta” tested first, on a small scale, before the current attempt at mass implementation, what you’re actually supporting is equivalent of using our children as some theoritian’s “lab rats”.

Mr. Dardenne. by supporting Common Core, and yet claiming to have the best interests of Louisiana’s children at heart, you’re trying to have it both ways; as Earl Long would have said, “(You’re) talking out of both sides of your mouth and whistling out of the middle”.  Your support of Common Core is wrong-headed.  Common Core is a disaster and a threat to our children.  Common Core must be stopped, and its supporters must be defeated.  Mr. Dardenne, TPoL’s 15,000+ members call on you to rethink this dangerous position, reverse course, and, for the sake of our children and the future of Louisiana, help defeat Common Core.

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While most of these videos address some of Common Core Math, they address other areas of objection to the Common Core Initiative and presents them in short video presentations. If you want to know what all the fuss is about and why all the parents are getting"mad as hell" then watch and see common core in action and you make up yur own mind.  Don't believe the media and big business who will be making billions off you in the CCSI. When your convenience jion us in the STOP Common Core in Louisiana Collation. Click on Title below to View Video.

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Common Core is Total Federalized Control of Education, Indoctrination and Socialism. Don’t believe us then just Do a Little Homework and see for yourself. Check these out and then tell us how you feel about Common Core being implemented in your schools and with your children.

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