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Judicial Watch is leading the effort to uncover government corruption through the use of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.  Judicial Watch was the organization that discovered that Hillary Clinton had a private server to shield from FOIA requests.  Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, is a frequent guest on TV and Radio.

Because no one is above the law!
  1. Each year I like to remind our supporters to recall what life was like for the Pilgrims who arrived on these shores in December of 1620. As the Plimoth Plantation describes: Many of the colonists fell ill. They were probably suffering from scurvy and pneumonia caused by a lack of shelter in the cold, wet weather. Although […]

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  2. From The Daily Caller: One takeaway from the rhetoric surrounding the ongoing election dispute is that Republicans should fear for their safety in a prospective Biden America. Despite the former vice president’s calls for post-election unity, many on the political left are simply out for revenge. Over the past four years liberals have turned normal […]

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  3. From Tom Fitton’s article for Breitbart: If you want to effectively express your beliefs about this deliberately chaotic election, I urge you to contact your representatives in your state legislature and Congress. Especially if you live in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona – cesspools of fraud and lawlessness all. I described what we’re […]

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  4. “He was the incoming National Security Advisor of the President… Does that tell you anything about all the hypocrisy of the Republicans and Democrats who are pressuring President Trump to give up all his challenges?”  President Trump’s detractors are calling for the president to concede the 2020 election and initiate the transition process. Some have described […]

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  5. The government is exceeding its authority for trying to ban illegal immigrant child abusers, drunk drivers, and a series of other violent criminals from getting asylum in the United States, according to open borders groups challenging a Trump administration rule scheduled to take effect this month. A Clinton-appointed federal judge agrees with the leftist nonprofits […]

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