Democrats are Socialists PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Reid   
Tuesday, 09 August 2011 22:47

If you liked Jim Crow, the Klan, and Segregation, then thank a Democrat………


                 ….. all of these hideous things were started by the Democrat Party.


In Government telling you ...

What you can buy
What you can eat
What you can drive
What you can make & own.

If you want to be a SLAVE to the government

 and let it control your life, then vote for Democrats!

                        DEMOCRAT LEADERS are SOCIALISTS!!! There is no argument about it!  It's pure simple FACT - JUST LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO!


Click here and judge for yourself


Socialist/Marxist Democrat Politicans are using same demonizing strategy that the Third Reich used against the Jews - Wake up America – don’t let history repeat itself here in America with the rise of Marxism/Socialism thru their class warfare propaganda and welfare state! Your vote for a Democrat is a Vote for Socialism and against a free enterprise America! Are you ready to give up the American Dream and give your freedoms to Big Government and the new Socialist Ruling Class - the new "USSA"? Then keep listening to the Marxist Democratic propaganda as promoted by the liberal media day-in and day-out, hour by hour; and keep voting for the DemoCRAPS!    By Energy Bob


Click here - see & hear for yourself - "Marxism in America" by LT. General W. G. Boykin


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