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Do you consider yourself an informed voter?

The informed citizen needs to have a reasonable understanding of the governing bodies that have a direct effect on his future.  My perception is that the average citizen is more aware of the actions of the President Of the United States and other national figures than they are of the actions of the local school board or parish government.  Both have significant impact on him and his family.

If you are like many people I know, you get your information from the national news media on TV or the internet.  The focus of these news outlets is their own parochial concerns, that is, the power struggle in Washington or New York.  So they are obcessed about the replacement of Justice Ginsburg or the latest comments from Speaker Pelosi or Senate MINORITY Leader Chuck Shumer.

Many in the TEA Party movement are rightfully concerned about the oppressive reach of the federal bureaucracy and want to have more decisions made at the state and local level, but then, too often, the actions of local officials go unnoticed.  A case in point is the school system.  With the change to Betsy Voss as the head of the Department of Education, many of the dictates from the department have been removed or relaxed and power returned to the States.  

However, despite this new freedom of action, state and local officials have not taken the opportunity to incorporate changes desired by the local community.  The curriculum in the schools is still that driven by the same philosophy of those who promoted Common Core.  Conservatives are not welcomed to the discussion.  The indoctrination programs that were recently so proudly defunded by President Trump in the Federal Government are still being proudly pushed by state departments of education and local school boards.

Teachers are being pushed to accept and teach doctrines that project an overly leftist viewpoint or risk being ostracized, if not fired, for not going along.  Mention of President Trump or MAGA is not welcome in many of our schools.  Christian beliefs are discounted. Reading material is selected to promote a negative view of American History.  The problem is compounded by an education industry that creates material for teachers that support the leftist view point rather than providing less biased material which would provide students with information to critically review the topics being presented. 

I commend the Trump initiative to create the 1776 Project to create material for patriotic education.  Making this available will be useful but local action is required to assure it is used in the schools  But changes in the school curriculum requires the action by local voters who are aware of the content of the curriculum of their schools.  Most school boards have public web sites where the information exist and is available but few take the time to look.

I encourage you to take the first step.  Learn what's in your school's or parish's curriculum guide and share it with your friends.  If you know teacher, find out if endoctrination programs are being implemented at their school. 

Shocking Report: Police Find TEA Parties More Peaceful Than Anti-war Protests


On Monday, the Christian Science Monitor bucked its mainstream peers by reporting something truthful about the TEA party movement: police officials have begun to relax security requirements at conservative rallies because of the remarkable absence of violence.


Yes, you read that right: despite nonstop media warnings about hateful protests, violence from TEA party attendants is so nonexistent that police feel safe allowing them to bring large items and sometimes even guns.


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