The Job-Killing Impact of Minimum Wage Laws

by Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation


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A $600+ Billion Spending Cut

by Gary North


This will not be done. It will not be done because Americans do not really want major spending cuts.


To demonstrate my point, let us consider America's sacred cow, tax-funded education.


According to the Central Intelligence Agency's Factbook, the United States spends about 5.3% of gross domestic product each year on education. If that estimate is accurate, this means about $750 billion a year.


The United Nations estimate places the figure of 5.7% of GDP.


That would mean expenditures in the range of $800 billion a year. If we assume that about 80% of these expenditures are funded by governments at various levels, we are talking something in the range of $600–$650 billion a year.

{jcomments on}Gulf Oil Disaster Politicized by Both Sides

(May 5) -- Unlike oil and water, it seems that oil and politics can't help but mix, especially in an atmosphere of media-driven hyperpartisanship.

Politicians, pundits and activists are rushing to capitalize on the BP oil rig explosion that killed 11 workers and unleashed a torrent of crude that could devastate parts of the Gulf of Mexico.  Read more...


Crime and Complicity

By Tim Case


"The punishment of the criminal is measured by the degree of astonishment of the judge who finds his crime incomprehensible." ~ Friedrich W. Nietzsche (1844–1900)


You would think that if the present administration with its adoring minions is going to rule by the Machiavellian code, as outlined in the The Prince, they would at least take to heart the admonition that "as princes cannot help being hated by someone, they ought, in the first place, to avoid being hated by every one, and when they cannot compass this, they ought to endeavor with the utmost diligence to avoid the hatred of the most powerful."


That is unless Obama et al. are convinced that all the dissention and anger is nothing more than the cries of the 'idiot du village; which seems to be the case.


Just before he died, Herodian of Antioch reports that the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius cautioned his son, Commodus, and the young man’s advisors: "…No amount of money is large enough to compensate for a tyrant's excesses, nor is the protection of his bodyguards enough to shield the ruler who does not possess the good will of his subjects. The ruler who implants in the hearts of his subjects not fear resulting from cruelty, but love occasioned by kindness, is most likely to complete his reign safely…[I]t is not those who submit from necessity but those who are persuaded to obedience who continue to serve and to suffer without suspicion and without pretense of flattery. And they never rebel unless they are driven to it by violence and arrogance…"