A lecture at Hillsdale by Arthur Herman will help you understand the origins of the Russian revolution.  Its probably not what you thought.  Lenin is a late arrival and usurps power from the intitial democratic government.



Most people have little knowledge of the real Karl Marx.  Even worse they know almost nothing about the harm his philosophy has caused around the world.  This video is a good start at learning some information to help you understand.


Hillsdale College offers an online course on the constitution.  This course is a good introduction the foundations of the constitution and an introduction to the historical settings.



Looks like Paul Harvey had it right with his prophetic message on April 3, 1964.  

Now we are actually living the "rest of the story" in the New "USSA" today!!!

Watch and see if you don't agree!

Click here if 3 min clip link doesn't work -  "If I were the Devil"

copy and paste the following link into your browser...      https://youtu.be/4LWPcEo2gV0