China Since the Communist Revolution


This is a video of a Hillsdale College presentation by Frank Dikötter.  This presentation is worth listening to as we find some in the US trying to aliy themselves with Communist Philosophy.  The techniques to achieve Mao's goals, described in the video,  bring to mind some of the modern techniques used by those today who wish to bring transformation to the US.  Obviously, the ability to employ tyranical techniques in the US are much more limited; however, the similarities are evident (cancel culture, sessions inside our instutions to promote the idea of toxic masculinity or white privilege requiring attendees to confess their failings, marching through businesses requiring people to kneel or raise fists).  It needs to stop.  There are better ways to improve our society that respects all our rights.

The West, in general, and the US, in particular have had the delusion that China if accepted into the structures of the West, would modify its behavior and become a reliable tradig partner and ally.  Dikötter describes the perceived changes in China as something like a "Potemkin Village".  The outward apearance has changed but internally it is the same rigid government controlled structure.  This part of the video is worth digesting.  If you are wondering about who is the best president to handle our affairs with China, this segment will give a better foundation for considering the candidates.




President Trump Presents the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Major Thomas Payne, United States Army




Video describing the Mission in more detail


USA Flag Tribute to Veterans! Vann Morris POWERFULLY personifies Old Glory.


Evangelo "Vann" Morris is a Combat Veteran! You can subscribe to his YouTube Channel to Keep updated. (

There are number of movements that have high standing in academia and thus are incorporated into the curriculum in school systems.  This part of a sinister movement to create permanent (or ever new) victim classes and to use them to demonize American Society.

Christina Hoff Sommers is a feminist.  She has a series of videos that were made for AEI which are well worth watching.  She is able to parse some of the rhetoric used by the left and demonstrate that we are always better if we judge people as individuals rather than a class.


Jordan is not a fan of Lenin and is quick to point out the evil that stems from Lenin's impact on Russia.