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  1. Even Mr Trump's harshest critics had to concede that, when it came to the Middle East, the Trump era had been a success. Prior to the latest eruption of hostilities between Israel and Palestinian militants, Mr Biden's only notable intervention in the
  2. Hamas is no match for the IDF and could be quickly and much more cheaply defeated by blunt and crushing military force were it not for one thing — the Israeli need to minimise loss of civilian life. Hamas know that. Over many years of conflict in Gaza,
  3. [S]ensing that the American side is keen on producing the fudge, the Iranian side is raising the stakes. On Monday "Supreme Guide" Ali Khamenei said that "liberating Palestine" is the "number one goal of the Islamic ummah", making it clear that even if
  4. Is the effective US news blackout about the negotiations with Iran meant to keep the allies and American public in the dark to prevent an outrage that may scuttle the administration's effort to revive the 2015 nuclear deal -- which Iran by the way never
  5. There is one sure-fire way of guaranteeing that Hamas will continue to employ terrorism against Israel.... That sure-fire way is to reward the terrorists who employ this tactic and to punish their intended victims who try to fight back. The real root